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In the framework of Neighborhood Program Lithuania,Poland and Kaliningrad area of Russian Federation,  the contract between the European Community and Krasnoznamensk municipal region has been signed. Grant Contract # 2007/140-171, entitled “Reconstruction of waste water facility in the Krasnoznamensk municipal region”
The project should improve quality of sewage treatment in the Basin of Sheshupe River to a level of modern ecological standards by modernization of clearing constructions of Krasnoznamensk waste water treatment system.
The project is infrastructural project, which includes actions on establishing the biological system of waste water clearing by installation of new equipment without construction of additional premises and buildings.
All this will allow improving the common ecological situation in the cross border area. Besides that modern clearing constructions will promote development of economic complex of Krasnoznamensk city district, its industrial base and increase a standard of population well-being of this region which is located directly on the border with Lithuania Republic.
A list of main works for reconstruction will be implemented due to EC, regional and municipal financing. Among them: technological facilities, reservoirs for biological treatment, flush water reservoirs and others.
The works will be continued until end of 2010 in accordance with project plan.


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